Practical Cookbook stratagem for women's Careers from professional chef

A career while taking care of the family is not an easy thing for women. It takes a clever time management as well as more physical energy and thoughts to make a family affair and the world of work is balanced.

Cooking activity is indeed identical to the resep nasi kebuli General domestic duties of a woman in the family. However, when cooking is so time-consuming, many women choose a career that eventually buy or eat outside the home to meet the family's needs.

Is there actually any other way for women to keep cooking career despite the hectic schedule with disibuki?

Chef Stefu says, the lack of time for corporate and experimented with cooking recipes, women can actually outsmart cooking career by making use of what is in the modern market or the supermarket.

"At the supermarket that now many provides convenience to the consumers now, for example, want to cook a soup. Now, there's an instant soup seasoning the chicken and water entered living then finished, "explains Chef Stefu.

Further, he also suggested, to find a menu that is simple and not difficult to be cooked. "Now things are run to that instant," he added.

"There are people who are pro with resep roti manis seasoning of instant, there are people who are pro with fresh ingredients," light of the chef who is currently the focus of the creative cuisine of Indonesia. However, he also said that people who prefer fresh herbs usually are those that have a lot of time, or a housekeeper who can cook. Well, for women's careers, instant food, seasoning is effective alternative.

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