New Chicken Restaurants are targeting 3 New Branches

Old colored Cock Solo culinary Resto, now that restaurant is targeting to open three new branches.

SUKOHARJO — New Chicken Restaurants long resep fuyunghai enough coloring culinary Repertory Solo. Now that restaurant was about to spread our wings by opening three branches in 2015.

That step is done, one of the perpetrators of the culinary soloist to hook a wider market. The owner of New Chicken Restaurants, Martono Saputro, delivered though the newly opened in June, current traffic levels high enough.

According to him, those steps resep lapis legit encouraged implementation of Lottery conducted in September-December 2014 with a gift of one unit a motorcycle. "This lottery was able to increase visits by as much as 20%. Therefore, the same will we do to attract more visitors, "he said Monday (5/1/2015).

Such a good market acceptance makes it plans to open three branches in Solo, Jakarta and Batam. Jakarta into it as the first step to a Solo culinary business development it becomes bigger. While the election of Batam as the purchasing power of the city is very high.

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