Fun, There's A Culinary Festival In Godean Eel

Office of Sleman Regency will Market menyenggarakan culinary festival in Godean, Eel Market week (4/1/2015). The event ensured a rousing his followers will take place resep nasi goreng jawa the first time was held in Yogyakarta.

Head of Department markets, Endah Yitnani, Tri said the festival is held at the special market gift shop to run the typical eel are different with a culinary festival in General. This is due to the culinary presented is the result of meat processed eel.

"Moreover, there resep bubur kacang hijau is already famous for its gift shop belutnya, even to the outside Yogyakarta. To that end, the festival held one must characterize the area to run itself, "he explained to reporters, Thursday (1/12015).

According to him, in addition to the menus of meat-based dishes are eel that has been commonly known by the general public, in the culinary plan also will be shown as well as a new creation in processed eels. Among other things, such as eel, tongseng rica-rica eel, until burgers eel.

"There have been a few bites menu that we received from the participants of the festival, there were an estimated 23 menu that will be served. The event is open to the public, the public are also welcome to come for free, "he said.

Endah explained, the idea for the event was promoted a a culinary tour in the eel market has recently been built. In addition, these activities also to capture new eel cuisine traders will be selling in that location.

"We intend to enrich a culinary menu variations are offered in culinary areas of markets eel. So with this distinctiveness, can eventually become one of the tourist destinations of culinary in Yogyakarta, "he said to explain.

Meanwhile, one of the businessmen in the market of the eel Run, Subagyo, welcomed the kegitan. Because, in addition to market menyemarakan eel, this activity is also expected to be a long-term campaign for trade in it.

"During this time, the eel market known simply as gift by crisps eels only. Whereas culinary eels available in it also has a potential tourist attraction, but not too well-known like oleh-olehnya Center, "he said

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