Culinary Grilled Fish On Cirata Bustling Tourists Invaded Reservoirs

Long holidays Christmas and new year's brought blessing resep tom yam for grilled fish seller in the area of Reservoirs on Cirata.

Although this site is not intended as tourist attractions, but the tourists who come to the area of Southeast Asia's largest reservoirs are quite lot. Waters right resep udang asam manis up to yesterday, the tourists coming as if not unstoppable. It is visible from the vehicle used the travelers.

Nining, 35, a fishmonger in the fuel Reservoir on Cirata confessed, during the long holiday grilled fish sales turnover increased more than threefold the days usually. According to him, on a typical day, turnover on cirata reservoirs coastal cuisine is the average reached Rp 300,000 to Rp 500,000/day.

"The long holiday but at the end of this year turnover could reach Rp2 million-Rp3 million/day. Moreover, the momentum of new year celebrations, fish stocks are depleted in the stall I just reached less than one kintal, "he said to the NEWSPAPER SINDO, yesterday.

He menabahkan, one portion of grilled fish with rice and fish as much as a liter of 1 kilogram for sale at a price of Rp 70,000. an average of visitors ordering fish up to four to five servings, because they come in groups. Of several types of fish that are provided in the stalls that lined the shores of reservoirs, fish species tilapia the most widely ordered penjunung.

"In addition to the holiday season of Christmas and new year, the reservoirs on cirata also visited in the summer holiday of Idul fitri holiday Eid al-Fitr," said Nining. In the meantime, Wawan, 48, one of the original visitors Karawang pleaded on Cirata Reservoir area mengunjungu deliberately with his family. Because for him the reservoirs on cirata affection if not visited every holiday season arrives.

In addition to the forest and hills reservoir expanse. The water reservoirs of quiet decorated boat passing by traditional fishermen's and farmer's keramba NET buoyancy makes the attraction.

"Exotic landscapes are also equipped with a distinctive, namely its culinary grilled fish plus nasi liwet sold in stalls along the path around the reservoir. After I came last year with friends, I was hooked. And now I invite families, "he said.

As is known, the HYDROPOWER plant on Cirata is operated by a subsidiary of State electricity company PT (PLN Persero) namely PT Generation Java Bali (PJB) transmitted via the transmission line power supply 500 kilovolt (KV) to the Java-Bali system regulated by a regulator Load Center dispatchers PLN (earmarks P3B). With the layout of the Citarum River, the lush, mountainous terrain and was awarded a high rainfall becomes the background to the establishment of HYDROPOWER on Cirata.

Construction of the HYDROPOWER project on Cirata is one way of harnessing the potential of hydropower in the Citarum River that is located in the area of Bandung Regency, approximately 60 km northwest of the city of Bandung or 100 km from Jakarta via the Purwakarta. This area is not styled as tourist attractions as Jatiluhur reservoirs.

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