Horog-Horog, Springy Nan Traditional Culinary Savory Jepara

Jepara, Horog-Horog? What tuh? resep tempe mendoan Typical Of Jepara? Surely it's the first one there in the minds of you guys right? Or maybe there are who do not know what is Jepara? My goodness.

Jepara is a Regency () in Central Java province, where our mother Kartini was born and dipingit, in addition to Jepara is also known as carve city, Karimun Jawa Islands cluster, the sentra-producing Ikat Troso, craft Monel, beautiful beaches and peaceful and so on. However, in addition, the town of Jepara also provides traditional food and worth trying lho. One of them is food that supposedly can only be resep capcay goreng found in Jepara, what tuh?

His name is Horog-Horog. The food is typical of Jepara is made from processed Palm trees. The process of pembuatanya is quite long and long, starting from the dredging of the Sago Palm stems, then flour aren washed, after it's done drying with the help of ash on top of the dough. The dough is then steamed in dried up in the shape of small vapour, steaming is done multiple times over and over again until it formed clumps of crystals that feels spongy, hemmm ... ....

Jepara society make this as Horog-Horog staple food rice, they also make Horog-Horog as raw food which can be contrasted to another culinary mix to taste, such as Kelso, meatballs, es Compote plus Horog-Horog, sate kikil horog-plus a delicious, even horog Horog-Horog this can be made a drink called wedang Horog-Horog lho ...

So when you guys to Jepara, it never hurts to try traditional cuisine typical of Jepara chewy nan savory which are usually served on top of this teak leaf folds. Don't just membayangkanya only, immediately visit the Jepara and happy travelling!

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