Tom Yam Vegetable Tofu

This one is already Thailand'S CULINARY world, tom yam. The aroma arising from the broth could tempt the appetite to eat it immediately.

Various processed tom yam is presented resep capcay kuah in order to satisfy the consumer demand, ranging from seafood, chicken, and beef. For those who haven't been able to cook it, now there is a leakage of shelled by Brian "MasterChef".

According to the Indonesia MasterChef Runner Up Season 3, the strength of the tom yam is the broth. Tom yam aroma will be fishing the adrenaline You to resep lumpia goreng enjoy it.

"In Cook, tom yam soup must dikentalkan with Bouillon," said Brian "MasterChef" when contacted Okezone, recently.

To cook it, then Peel the shrimp, reserving the first tail and clean. If you want the scent to strong feels on shrimp gravy, you can use the Peel.

"Because shrimp have sweet taste is strong, you can use the Peel. Simply shrimp to the top of sayat pulled out the dirt on his back, "he added.

Next, heat the oil and saute the garlic until aromatic and insert the head of the shrimp. Add the marinade from shrimp Bouillon, tomatoes, galangal, lime leaves, Lemongrass, chilies, ginger, coriander and Bay leaves. Cook and simmer.

When shrimp gravy, strain already to leave kaldunya. Then, stir in fish sauce, lime juice, salt, sugar and chilli sauce to bring up the color red. Cook until boiling.

"To enhance the aroma, you can add the ginger. Rempahnya-use of seasoning is also adapted to the taste. Add garlic at the time penumisan for the aroma can make more delicious tom yum, "lid.

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